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Mental Wellness Challenge

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This 8-day challenge, called the "Mindful Wellness Challenge," is designed to engage individuals in daily activities that promote mental wellness from a Christian/Spiritual perspective. The challenge combines prayer, mindfulness, physical activity, connection with loved ones, and self-reflection to provide a holistic approach to mental wellness. Each day involves a unique task that encourages participants to focus on their mental health in a fun and engaging way. The activities range from gratitude journaling and digital detox to mindful eating. At the end of each day, participants will complete a short quiz reflecting on their experiences and the insights they've gained. The challenge concludes with a celebration day, marking the completion of the week-long wellness journey. Please note this challenge is intended to supplement, not replace, professional mental health care. If you or someone else is struggling with mental health issues, seeking help from a qualified professional is essential and can be done through our Zamwellness App. By participating in this challenge, individuals can deepen their connection with themselves, their faith, and others while developing healthier habits and coping mechanisms to manage stress and anxiety. It's a fun, engaging, and meaningful way to prioritize mental wellness.

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